3trees Obtained 4 Honors of 2017 China Coatings Influence Brand


China coatingindustry held a top-level event in 22nd, June. Sponsored by HuicongNetwork, "2017 Chinese paint brand event" and the 11th ‘Innovation,Harmony, Responsibility, Influence’ China Coatings Summit Forum, HuicongNetwork 11th China Coatings Huacai Award Influence Brand Awardsceremony were held in Shanghai International Convention Center successfully. Mr.Lin Dedian, Vice President of 3trees Paint Co., Ltd was invited to attend theevent. 

Huacai Award is one of the most important prizes in the field of coatings in China. It combines the data of Internet users voting and jury scoring, and to collect the award winning enterprises. The award aims to encourage and praise outstanding enterprises, to develop China's coatings industry and to encourage continuous improvement and innovation. Due to strong power and brand influence, 3trees was awarded ‘Wall Paint Influence National Brand’, ‘Architectural Coatings Influence Brand’, ‘ Wood Coatings Influence Brand’. What is more, 3trees was honored ‘China Coatings Charity Award’ due to the contribution of ‘Alxa SEE • 100 million Haloxylon’.

In the past 15 years, 3trees neverforgets the beginning faith ‘ Make Home Healthier, Make City More Beautiful’.Based on ‘healthy, green, natural’ brand core values, 3trees developed the business management philosophy from naturallaw of the Taoist philosophy and create ‘Health +’ new standard, together withthe green coating customization services. 3trees has always put socialresponsibility in the first place and has donated over 50million RMB tocharities in recent years. ‘Alxa SEE • 100 million Haloxylon’ activities wonthe Huacai Award ‘China Coatings Charity Award’ which can affirm thecontributions of 3trees concentrating on livelihood issues.

3trees is always innovating andchanging. ‘3trees paint, move in immediately’ is now well known in China.3trees focuses on healthy life and healthy counties, it persevered inmanufacturing of the eco-friendly and low-carbon products. Relying on the sheertenacity, it developed extremely fast and became the leading health paintbrand. The brand value has reached about ¥14.87bn and has been China Top 500The Most Valuable Brand for 11 years. In the future, 3trees will continue to improveits brand influence , adhere to lead brand and help make our country stronger.

Besides the glory, there also exists nationalfeelings. Embracing the faith of national brand industry to serve the country,3trees will continue to move forward and struggle for the company vision ofWorld Top 10 Coating Brand!