Embrace Future Together-------3trees 2017 Annual Conference


3trees2017 Annual Conference was held in Putian City Gym from 16th to 20thof Jan. More than 4000 3trees staffs from all over China came to attend thisgrand conference. During the period, 3trees staffs together check fruits andweakness of the past year 2016, besides, scheme strategy & targets for2017.  

2017 Annual Operational Report 

3trees President Mr.Hong made 2017 AnnualOperational Report on morning of 16th, Jan. He said that real estates are understable development environment, 3trees has gotten superior competition strengthafter 14 years’ accumulation. We are facing the best development opportunities.

Under all staffs hard work, 3trees has achieved many breakthrough in2016. Be the first listed civilian coatings company with A-stock entering intomarket in Shanghai Stock Exchange; Put forward health+ 5 new standards andupgrade exclusive shops to open coatings industry new era; New service systemsof “healthy to live”, O2O and Paint & decoration integration come intobeing; Architectural coatings growing steadily etc.

President Hong made 2017 Annual Work Deploy in the conference. Heemphasized that—only with love, can better embrace future. He said that 3treeswould realize constant rapid development with the more capital assistance.3trees will establish a win-win mode with cooperators meanwhile strengthenstaffs Lean management, with the IT platform support, to provide customers withbetter products and services. 

3treeswill take ”Make Home Healthier, Make City More Beautiful ” as the mission, keepfollowing core value of “Customers-oriented, Win-win with Cooperators, Sharingwith Strivers”, focus on strategy of “capital * brand * culture * talents ” toestablish create-together, share-together and win-win commercial mode. Devotingitself to be “Global Top 10 Coatings Brand ”

Excellent Staff Deeds Report

113trees excellent staff representatives shared their achievements in 2016,including supporting crews and sales staffs etc. They all hold the same beliefof giving extreme healthy products to many ordinaries.

Company Culture Knowledge Contest

Many important & new culture knowledge were referred in the contest,which fully showed companies’ innovation ideas. Finally the “win-win” team fromsupporting system won the first prize. They well expressed 3trees staffs’ “enthusiastic,elegant, keep-studying, efficient and excellent pursuing” spirits.


Commendationbegan at 7:00pm. President Hong gave the golden medals of the newly-added “NO.1Salesman” prize and other prizes like “10-year staff contribution prize” etc.to corresponding winners---3trees always shares with strivers.

3trees New Year Party

NewYear Party was the most wonderful and exciting part for all. About 13 great andspecial shows were given. All the attendants really enjoyed the 2-hour audio-visualfeast.

Lastly,3trees wish all customers, agents and staffs a happy new year!