3trees Winning “Preferred Supplier for China Top 500 Real Estates”


“2017China Top 500 Real Estates Evaluation Result Conference and Top 500 RealEstates Summit” was held in Beijing on 22nd, Mar. Two reports weregiven on the conference: 2017 China Top500 Real Estates Evaluation Report & 2017 China Top 500 Real Estates Preferred Supplier Evaluation Report.

3treeswas listed into top 10 preferred suppliers again and won” the Second PreferredCoatings Brand for 2017 China Top 500 Real Estates”, besides 3trees was theFirst Preferred Brand in north & north-west China. 3trees has won thishonor for the sixth time since 2011, which fully expresses its strong productsstrength as well as good brand reputation. 

This evaluation conference has been held continuously for 8 years, whichis called “Oscar” grand ceremony in real estates and related industry area. Underthe rapid development of real estates, mid & high-end construction productsshow great growth potential, so the green, low-carbon and intellectualizedproducts do. The preferred brands evaluation activity gives objective basis forreal estates’ construction material selection, which will promote bettercooperation for both sides and improve products quality. 

Honor& Dream: this honorable evaluation result comes from all 3trees staffs’ craftsmanshipwork & best services, also shows whole society’s confirmation to 3trees’quality.

3trees opens a new agency-supporting era in 2017,establishing 3trees Architectural Decoration Company to finish transition tointegrated-service supplier. Concentrating on green and customized services,3trees will work together with top 100 real estates to seize opportunities andembrace the future.